about us

it is our goal to spread the word that recovery is as important as any other form of self improvement

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recovery is important

Our goal with each of our facilities is to provide the community with the latest Recovery technologies that best support those that want to live a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, we strive to educate through multiple social media platforms and and during our 1on1 interactions that Recovery should be just as big a part of one's routine as working out or things like mediation. Many of the things we commonly take medication for, or even more drastic measures like surgery, can be prevented or reversed by better understanding the effects of muscle tension and inflammation on the body.

who uses our services

The true answer is that in one way or another everyone can benefit from our services. Whether you are sore from having practice every night for weeks on end, or your job and coworkers are driving you to the edge, our services are chosen specifically because the benefits of each service cover the needs of a wide range of people. If your body aches, or you deal with more stress and anxiety than you'd like, we can help get you closer to 100%.

how we help

All of our services are designed to help your body do what it does best. Heal. What our services really do is speed up the process. By reducing inflammation, your body is better able to circulate vital fluid, and thereby oxygen, to places that badly need it. Many of our services help the body to rid itself of excess cortisol as well, which is the cause of much of our inflammation. By reducing cortisol and thereby reducing inflammation, your body is able to Recover much quicker.