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A 2-3 minute session that reduces inflammation internally by exposing the body to temperatures as low as -260 degrees.

Local cryo

A 3-5 minute session that uses a stream of nitrogen vapor to target areas of pain, resulting in literal hours worth of icing being accomplished in minutes.


Become weightless as you Float in 10" of water and 900 lbs. of epsom salt. Speed muscle recovery and reduce tension as you listen to your favorite music or take in the silence.

Infrared Sauna

Our sauna uses gentle Infrared light to heat you from the inside out. By raising your core temperature, the sauna helps you to detox, reduce cortisol levels, and relax tense muscles all in 45 minutes.


Normatec uses pneumatic compression to push excess fluid out of tight muscles and achy joints. You have your choice between legs, arms, or hips sleeves, easing aches and pains in the area of your choice in just 20 minutes.

how do you recover?

who we can help

Our services aren't just for athletes!


Many of our clients are on a team, or training for competition. Whether it be High School, Collegiate, or at the Professional level, we have the tools to help athletes at every level.


We have athletes of all shapes and sizes walk through our doors, many of which are involved in group workouts, or are members of local gyms.


A lot of our clients come to us after an injury to help keep swelling down, and to help the body circulate fluid to reduce recovery time. We can also be a large asset when recovering from surgical procedures.

what our customers say

Love it. I work out a lot and this place is the perfect place to recover and feel better fast. The staff is wonderful and knowledgeable!!!!

Olga bluic-haggard

"This is such a wonderful place for relaxation and there are so many health benefits to each treatment! I love this place and recommend to everyone!"

Sara arias

One the most incredible experience I have ever done for my mind, body and soul! I will be coming back often!

Patrick Cowherd

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